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View Kubernetes Logs in PRs

Stoat can help you easily view and access logs for Kubernetes clusters (Minikube, k3s, etc.) in your GitHub workflows from a comment on your pull request.

Here's an example of a Stoat comment that links to an interactive log viewer for Kubernetes:

kubernetes gif

Example Repo

See a real build that links to a log viewer for Kubernetes logs this pull request.

Adding Kubernetes log previews to the Stoat comment

In this tutorial we will show how to add a Kubernetes log preview to the Stoat comment.

  1. Set up Stoat with our getting started guide.

  2. Add an action to dump logs to some directory using stoat-dev/kubernetes-log-export-action@v1 and add the Stoat Action to upload the log outputs to Stoat.

     # ... cluster initialization ...

    # ... tests that run on Kubernetes ...

    - name: Dump Kubernetes Logs
    if: always()
    uses: stoat-dev/kubernetes-log-export-action@v1
    namespaces: default,kube-system
    show_timestamps: 'true'
    output_dir: kube-logs-output

    - name: Run Stoat Action
    uses: stoat-dev/stoat-action@v0
    if: always()

    Note that if you don't include if: always() the results will not be captured on test failure.

  3. Point Stoat at the generated logs by adding a new task that uses the static_hosting plugin:

    version: 1
    enabled: true
    name: "Kubernetes Logs"
    path: kube-logs-output
    file_viewer: true

    Note that this uses the file_viewer: true option to provide an interactive log viewing experience.

  4. That's it! Now, every time you open a pull request, Stoat will host the Kubernetes logs and post a comment with a link to the preview. See an example in this pull request.