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What is Stoat?

Stoat is a SaaS platform for developer tooling focused on aggregating data across GitHub builds into a single pull request comment that is updated as new data becomes available. This comment as a customizable build dashboard embedded in your pull requests.

In only a few minutes, you can access test coverage reports, Storybook.js component summaries, build time summaries, and more from a GitHub comment:

Stoat Screenshot

Technical Details

  • Stoat GitHub Action
    • Pushes data (build reports, static sites, metrics, JSON) for builds to the Stoat server.
  • Stoat GitHub Application
    • Calls the Stoat server to render comments.
  • Stoat Server
    • Listens for webhooks from the GitHub application.
    • Stores and aggregates build data pushed by the GitHub action.
    • Serves static files.
    • Creates and updates pull request comments.

Get Started

It only takes a couple of minutes to add Stoat to your repo.

Try our getting started guide to set up Stoat today!