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Jared Rhizor

As a data engineer at LiveRamp, Jared led the team responsible for maintaining one of the industry's largest device graphs. He was also a key player in the early days of Airbyte. As the first engineer, he helped to build and grow the open source project from pre-idea to a massively deployed system processing hundreds of terabytes of data for thousands of users.

Liren Tu

At LiveRamp, Liren developed and maintained multiple internal developer tools while leading application teams focused on data engineering at the petabyte scale. At Scale AI, he was a founding engineer for the Scale NLP team, working relentlessly on taking the product from zero to product-market-fit. Most recently at Airbyte, Liren authored and optimized some of the most commonly used data connectors across databases, data warehouses, and blob storages.

Interested in working with us?

Stoat isn't hiring at the moment, but please drop us a line if you want to be the first to know when a position opens. We plan on hiring some engineers and someone to lead DevRel at some point after fundraising.